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Cornelius in New Zealand

From the Resene Architecture and Design Film festival in New Zealand. Since we are unable to attend the screenings in New Zealand, Cornelius, who is featured prominently in our film, will facilitate the Q&A after select screenings in Auckland and Wellington.

We have a special guest coming for our screening of Christiania: 40 Years of Occupation on Sunday night at 8:00pm Cornelius Lundsgaard has a starring role in the film. He is a 34-year-old Danish globetrotter and independent journalist with a passion for communal lifestyles. A long time member of the famous Danish Freetown of Christiania, he has visited and documented alternative communities across the world, often living and working there as a resident. In the feature length documentary "Christiania - 40 Years Of Occupation", Cornelius features as an outspoken and engaged member of Europe's oldest squat, telling his own story of moving out of the mainstream box and into the world of egalitarian self-governance and alternative societies. His many travels in search of what makes intentional communities successful and sustainable, has given Cornelius a broad range of unique and colourful insights into what community living is actually like, and what it takes to maintain a sense of equality and healthy balance, when living as a group. Cornelius' own radio documentary in-the-making, "The Sound of Freedom", is a series of intimate portraits of some of the largest and oldest communities he has come across; from his native Christiania in Scandinavia, over Auroville in South India and to New Zealand's own Tui Community in Golden Bay. He is currently editing more than 100 hours of audio, packed with real voices from the core of the growing movement of intentional communities and their inhabitants.

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