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In 2011, big changes in Christiania necessitated one more trip for filming to complete the documentary. I was in Copenhagen for two weeks in September, coinciding with Christiania's 40th birthday. The first week of my stay I spent in Sneglehuset (Snail House); a tiny, tiny place that held more romance as an idea than as a reality. It was cold and the woodstove in the "living room" didn't vent properly (four years later, some of my camera equipment cases still reek of smoke and creosote), and there was nowhere to sit, except a hard stool, which I had to borrow, at the kitchen counter (which also doubled as my desk. In fact, I edited this video right there!) But I was happy to have a place to stay right in Christiania and, with time, the memory of staying in Sneglehuset has taken on a romantic glow again. I mean - just look at it!

Posted by Robert Lawson

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