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You may not realize how many titles our documentary about Christiania has had over the years. When we first started out in 2006 we were calling it "Coming of Age in Christiania". Very Margaret Mead.

For a very brief period it was called "Normalizing Christiania". There's really not much to say about that.

Then for quite awhile it was called "Christiania - Our Heart is in Your Hands". I loved this title, but it proved to be too similar to the title of the seminal Danish documentary "Christiania You Have My Heart" by Nils Vest.

Then we were calling it "You Cannot Kill Us, We Are a Part of You" - based on the Christiania anthem, "I kan ikke slå os ihjel," but that proved to be a very unwieldy title that not many people seemed to like. The photograph accompanying this post is Richard's arm, tattooed by Anders Ryter, who appears in the film.

We finally settled on the current title "Christiania - 40 Years of Occupation" after returning in 2011 for Christiania's 40th birthday (the occupy movement was quite big then, so that played a part)

But in remembering all of these titles, I am reminded of a suggestion that someone made on one of the many occasions when we were casting about for a title - "Christiania, I've Got Your Nose" - and that still makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Posted by Robert Lawson

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